Friday, June 13, 2014

The Real Truth About Mississippi & Another Move

So...when I started this blog I never wanted to be an "occasional" blogger.  I had hopes of blogging at least once a week...not every now and then.... boy do I have a lot to catch y'all up on!

Jon and I moved to Mississippi in January and things didn't go how we had hoped it would be.  Remember when I told y'all about our move down to Mississippi and the minor wrecks, and how I referred to it as a bad omen? Well....maybe that gut feeling was right.  Jon and I were not happy in Mississippi.  We were newlyweds that barely saw each other.  We hardly got to spend any time together.  We didn't have any friends.  We were both miserable....and maybe that's why I never really blogged...

When Jon started his new job in Mississippi, he was transitioning out of the military.  He had been a soldier for eleven years, and his new job was very different.  He was use to working an 8-5 job, with weekends off  (except for when he was on-call) and having holidays off.  He was working ridiculously, crazy hours--and that was the reason for us never really seeing each other.

During his training he had to be at work at 4:30 A.M and we lived 30 minutes from his job.  He would wake up at 3:30 in the morning, and some nights didn't get home until 6 or 7.  I'd have supper ready, he would eat, and would quickly fall asleep on the couch.  His hours changed to the night shift, and I thought we'd see each other more...but I was wrong.  He would have to be at work at 2:30 P.M.  I would make lunch, he would eat and then get ready for work.  He wouldn't get off until around 3 or 4 A.M so he would sleep all morning, and I would wake him up to eat lunch.

The weekends were spent with Jon catching up on sleep.  So we wouldn't really go out and about.  That was the only time that we really got to spend any time together.  Being apart as newlyweds was hard.  To make matters worse, we really didn't have any friends where we lived.

We went to a Sunday School Class for newlyweds, and we considered the Sunday School teachers our friends.  The people in the class were nice--kind of.  I know that sounds weird--nice, but not really--I guess you had to experience it.  They all grew up together, went to school together, and hung out with one another. 

Jon and I were the outsiders, and we were not going to be allowed into "the click".  Most Southern people are really friendly, but when you get into really, really small towns if you're not from the area sometimes you aren't ever really accepted.  Like in Springhill (a rich area in Mobile) if you don't have ancestors buried under a certain Azalea tree you aren't invited to the rich in-crowd.  I tried to be-friend some of the girls, but I always got that feeling that they thought I shouldn't really be talking to them. 

Y'all, if I didn't have Louella Mae I would have gone crazy.  I was lonely, and I missed Jon.  Jon was lonely because his family and friends were far away too, and he hated his job.  I hated his hours, and that I barely saw him.  I spent my days being a stay at home house wife.  I had my routine of chores and everyday household things.  I also taught Louella Mae to say "please" to get a treat. 

I did some of my art work, and had fun decorating the house.  We were both depressed, and not happy in Mississippi...and it was time for something to be done about it...

So...with all that said...we are moving back to Birmingham!  Jon finished his first week at his new job today.  We are going to celebrate finishing his first week tomorrow!  He is actually home for dinner, and though he may work some overtime, it's not crazy hours.  We ate dinner together tonight (I've been in Mississippi packing up our house all week) and are watching the soccer champion game together right now.  He actually likes his job, and is in a much better mood.  What a difference a new job can make!

Everything happened so fast, we are still looking for a place to live.  We are hoping for a rental house, but with the amount of time we had to look before he started his new job we never found a house in a good area.  We are going to stay with my family for a few weeks while we continue looking for a place. 

I also got a job!  I'm going to work for a DJ company.  I'll be working with brides and setting up appointments for their wedding.  Planning the music for our wedding was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning!

So...there you have it...that's what is going on with the Werkmeisters!  We are excited about coming back to Birmingham.  My family is here, and so are our friends.  Jon has made some awesome friends in Birmingham too! Watch out Birmingham...we're back!

Be truly glad.  There is wonderful joy ahead.
~1Peter 1:6