Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moving Day...Dun, Dun, Dun!!!

Hey y'all!  Jon and I moved in to our new house in Mississippi on Saturday.  Let's just say that the 'dun, dun, dun' on the title speaks for itself....

We had two *minor* accidents with the U-Haul (don't worry nobody was hurt!), spent about two hours in Meridian, MS repairing a damaged U-Haul, and then a scare that Louella Mae had gotten out of the house...and here's how it all went down...

I think we could have made some more stuff fit!

Friday Morning:
We picked up the U-Haul and headed towards the storage place were we had two storage units packed with stuff.  My storage unit had my apartment stuff and everything in my classroom in it.  Jon's storage unit had everything from his apartment and everything we had gotten from our bridal showers.  Mason {my brother-in-law} and my Momma came to help me and Jon load our storage units.  Miraculously everything {including my school stuff} fit into the U-Haul!  Our house has a storage area in the backyard, and that's where I put my school stuff.  Two hours later we leave the storage unit...and Jon...bless his heart....hit a pole at the storage unit....luckily the U-Haul was ok...and I thought the worst was over....WRONG!!!

Saturday Morning:
We got up early for moving day.  We were busy loading last minute boxes.  My parents and my sister Amanda came to help us move.  We left around 7:45, and began our journey towards Mississippi.  We crossed into Mississippi and stopped to get more gas in the U-Haul in Meridian....and that my friends, is where it all went wrong...

My Daddio...bless his heart...hit a pole at the gas station.  He went to reverse out...and well...the pole got stuck in the back tire.  Y'all I about had a heart attack because the noise that the pole and the U-Haul made together was one noise that would make your skin crawl!  Worst of all, I thought the U-Haul was going to flip with my Daddio in it...

After pulling the pole out from the back tire of the U-Haul we were left with 4 *long* pieces of metal skirting (the metal part at the bottom of the U-Haul) disconnected from the U-Haul and was just kind of flopping around...

There was a U-Haul place close to the gas station, but we were afraid we'd have to reload *everything* into a new U-Haul.  Jon and my Daddio went to a hardware store to buy a  metal grinder to remove the metal pieces that were flopping everywhere...and that was when Amanda, my Momma, Louella Mae, and I sat in the gas station parking lot for about an hour waiting on them to return.  Louella Mae was really good, she didn't cry or anything!  We all talked about the most random things, our new house, and discovered what kolaches were {the gas station restaurant was selling them}.  It's a breakfast thing that either has jam or has sausage in it...

Anyway...they finally come back and for another hour or so my Daddio and Jon saw off the metal skirting pieces with the metal grinder. That was scary too...they didn't have goggle...I had some somewhere in that U-Haul from my classroom...where are goggles when ya need them?!?

I'm sure we are still the talk of the Meridian gas station!

Finally we continue our journey to our new house, and I prayed that everything would be alright after that.  Our friends Meagan, Clay, Buck, and Nikki came to help us move in, and they beat us to our new house; and I hear that they played in our back yard, climbed a tree, and met some of our neighbors!  HA! 

Louella Mae got put into a closed room while we had doors open to move in.  Jon and Buck had put a mattress in that room...on this mattress she had created her own little hiding spot in!  Then a little later, Clay and Buck came with my big ol' armoire and had to open the door of the room she was in to bring the armoire into our room.  I was watching for Louella Mae to come out, and she never did.  I went to check on her...and ohmiword y'all... I couldn't find her.  That *literally* scared me to death!  Nikki  helped me find Louella Mae...inside of the hiding spot in the mattress!  Whew!  I was so worried about her getting out, not knowing where she was, and not having any claws!  Thank goodness she was hiding!

Sunday Morning:
We were so thankful for our awesome family and friends that came and helped us move!  We returned the U-Haul to "Affordable Storage and Tanning"!  We thought that was funny...but hey we're out in the country!

And that is the story of our move to Mississippi.  Hopefully our string of bad luck is over....they say bad luck comes in threes {right?!?} so hopefully it is!  I told everybody that I hoped it wasn't a sign of a bad omen!  HA!

Come back later to see what I did with the house!


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