Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Operation: Find a House Quick

Hey y'all!  Jon got a job last week in Mississippi!  We went looking for apartments/ rental houses around the area Jon's job will be.  We called our trip Operation:  Find a House Quick.  We had two different realtors, looked at apartments, and rental houses.  Let's just say that there is not a lot of choices where we are moving to.  The first rental house we looked at was a cute, older house that had vintage charm.  Y'all know I'm a vintage girl, so that one was cute to me!  It had a swing on the porch, and built-in china cabinets.  The downside was that it was in an area that we didn't think was safe, and it didn't have central heat or air---y'all know how Southern Summers are...so that was out!  The next house we looked at was the one we ended up getting {only we didn't think that would be the one we picked!}  Then we looked at a trailer that had an add-on in the back {weird} and had a cow skull in the front yard!  For real, a cow skull just for decoration...you know you're in the country when that's considered 'decor'. 
From there we drove into another town to look for apartments we had seen online.  The first apartments looked really nice...we found out we couldn't live there because it was section 8 government housing.  The next apartments were nice, but they were price-y.  They even wanted another $20 a month for Louella Mae on top of a pet deposit.  Paying a pet deposit is fine, but an extra $20 for a cat that doesn't even weigh more than 10 pounds is just ridiculous!  We went to look at the last apartments and didn't even go in to look because they looked very run down.  {We found out later that the area we were in is very dangerous, and that we shouldn't have been there!}  From there we called *many* realtors and none of them had any rental houses to show.  The  last realtor we called had three rental houses to show us later.  We got some Chinese food, and then  large Cherry Cokes from Sonic to waste time until it was time to meet our next realtor.

From there she showed us another cute, vintage charm house without central heating and air and in a run down area.  Then she showed us a vintage charm house that needed some work in the front yard but had been restored inside.  It had a sun room that I knew Louella Mae would love!  It was close to his work, and it was the house we were seriously considering.  After talking to our friend that is from the area she said that street wasn't the best street to live on.  Boo.  We looked at another house in the country on a windy, one-way street.  We decided that wasn't for us because of the road, and it was way out of the way.  The last place we looked were some apartments in the country.  It had been a house built in 1862 {and it was so cute from the outside!}, that had been turned into apartments.  The problem was that it had been an assisted living home before becoming apartments.  The set up was very awkward, and it smelled like it had been an assisted living home.  The bathrooms were kind of scary, smelled, and made me sad when I thought about the people who had lived there.
We decided on the second house we had looked at, and had called the realtor back to rent it.  She knew we'd be back because she knew what was out there...slim pickens! 

Our first house!
 It was a good thing we had called her when we did because she was going to show the house to other people later in the day!  Check back tomorrow because I've got big plans for the outside of the house already {notice the numbers...those are my plans}!  I'll let you know how I want to fix it up tomorrow!  I'm off to make supper!

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