Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It Had to be You

Lots of people have asked about how Jon and I met, got engaged, fell in love, etc...so today I'm gonna share our love story with you.  Jon and I met at a country concert/ basketball game in January with mutual friends, Christy and Jason.  A few days later we went on our first date to Logan's Roadhouse.  After our first date, we pretty much saw each other every day!  The day we got engaged we drove to Orange Beach, AL.  It was my birthday weekend, and Jon was determined that we were going to the beach at some point that weekend!  He was very quiet, and by the time we got to the beach (about a 3 hour drive) I had decided Jon was going to break up with me!  I was trying to figure out who I knew close to the beach, and how I'd get back to Hattiesburg!  We did go eat lunch at The Oyster House--I had crab claws and chocolate chip peanut butter pie (ohmiword it's pretty much the best thing in the world!)  We got to the beach and Jon was trying to put the ring in his pocket when I walked over.  He said "what are you doing?!" as I was waiting on him.  I said "waiting on you!" in an annoyed voice (of course!)  He said "well can you go somewhere else?!" and I said "you want me to move?!?" (in an even more annoyed voice!) and he said "yes."  So of course I was getting mad at him!  We get to the beach and he continued standing up...I told him to sit down because he was making me nervous.  He kept telling me to stand up, so I finally did (and honestly I was annoyed).  He kept talking to me about stuff and I really don't know what he said....and then...he said those three little words.  Those three little words every girl wants to hear "I Love You"....and that was the first time he ever told me that he loved me.  He told me later that he waited because he wanted it to be special when he told me he loved me.  Then he got down on one knee at the beach and proposed!  I said yes!

I really don't exactly know when I fell in love with him--it's lots of little things that made me think he loved me and that I loved him.  When the F4 tornado hit Hattiesburg, he helped me get Louella Mae (my cat) and get in to the bathroom.  After he left, another tornado was heading down the road I lived on and he called to check on me and tell me to get back in to the bathroom.  Then Louella Mae got declawed and had a bad experience (I of course was so upset about it!) but he played with her, and let her sit with him....he really was not an animal person (until he met me of course!). 

Then I got really sick in March--and that was the test of all tests.  I got mono from wiping a tear away from one of my first graders.  Mono is the worst sickness anyone can ever get--there is no prescription for it.  You just have to get a lot of rest, and you can take Tylenol for the pain.  My whole body hurt, and I was so tired.  My face swelled up like a chipmunk and my eyes were almost swollen shut.  Jon kept bringing me food and Coca-Cola Icees and Tylenol, and even though I kept falling asleep (sometimes for hours) he'd stay until I would wake back up.  He took care of me, and didn't leave me when I was so sick--most guys would have.  I knew he was the one then...and for awhile I wondered how he felt....then I got my answer a few months later.

I asked Jon once when he knew I was the one he would marry, and he said he knew I was the one the day we met because of how easy it was to have a conversation with me!  He said he had a feeling when he went home that night that I was the one...and he was right!  I believe in soul mates--one true love--and I think God knew when he sent us both to Hattiesburg that we would meet.  Every heart break, and every decision we made lead us to each other and I thank God for bringing us together everyday.  So that is our love story!  What's your love story?


  1. What a sweet story Ashlee! I'm so happy for you!! :)