Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me...

Jon is a foodie...he loves all kinds of food....he's not a picky eater like me...he eats almost anything!  His favorite food is pizza....a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza that is. I remember going home to Rockford with Jon over the summer to meet his friends and family.  I couldn't wait to see the sights in Chicago and experience all of the places that Jon had always talked about.  I was excited to try a Chicago deep dish pizza while we were in Chicago!  Gino's East was where Jon, his best friend Conn, and I went for my first experience of a Chicago deep dish pizza.  I didn't know what to expect, and then when I saw the sauce was on top of the pizza instead of the cheese I thought that was different.  Of course, that's what makes it a traditional Chicago style pizza I guess!

Ready for a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Gino's East in The Windy City!

For Jon's third day of Christmas Love, I gave him a homemade Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

I looked online and found a recipe for a homemade Chicago deep dish pizza.  Many people had commented on the recipe of how it tasted like the real deal, almost as good as Gino' I thought I'd try it out.  This was a homemade Chicago deep dish pizza...homemade dough and homemade sauce...everything was made from scratch.  I'm *so not* a cook, but I promised it to him, so I had to deliver on my promise!   It took about 3 hours to make, and when it was finished cooking it looked like a Chicago deep dish pizza...but how it tasted was key for my hubby. 
Homemade Deep Dish Chicago Pizza

Jon said that it tasted just like the real Chicago Deep Dish pizzas from some of his favorite pizza places....mission accomplished! I added sausage and pepperoni to the top {I only like cheese, so I wanted to see which side was only cheese}.  Ok, ok....I also added a little more Parmesan cheese to the top than called for...I'm a cheese girl!

You can click *here* for the recipe to make your own Chicago Deep Dish pizza.  Let me know if you do and let me know how your Chicago deep dish pizza turned out!
You can click *here* to start from the beginning of The Twelve Days of Christmas Love for My Hubby.


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